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Our NGO was founded in 2012 by a small group of researchers with the purpose to improve TB care system in Armenia through research and evidence generation. Working in the government setting at a time, the founders envisioned that the flexibility and independence of the NGO in the rigid environment might be crucial for performing reforms and system improvements. Thus, the TB RPC was established and with research activities it contributed to major successful health sector reforms in Armenia. Later, collaboration was started with international partners and we moved towards our vision of “universal health coverage”. Partnering with the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR WHO) we adopted Structured Operational Research Training Initiative (SORT IT) and focused on performing our work through the conduct of operational research activities and SORT IT training. Currently, we have an operational research fellow of the SORT IT among our professionals and we are continuously running SORT IT courses across the Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Operational research become the cornerstone of our work in any field which helps with quick and targeted decision making based on scientific evidence.



We started with improvement of the Armenian Health Care System for better care provision to TB patients. Now, our efforts are focused towards improvement of health systems across the world covering priority health problems. We have vision of reaching high quality universal care for All.


We are working in the countries that may need support with research and evidence generation for informed decision making. Our organization contributes to health system improvements across countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Besides, we are performing research activities in countries of Asia and Africa.


Our efforts are directed to priority health topics in the given countries/locations starting with communicable diseases and anti-microbial resistance to health economics etc. Current capacity of our NGO and health systems of many developing countries is limited in terms of researchers and evidence generation. So, along with performing research activities we are performing simultaneous training and local capacity building.


We are a group of healthcare professionals with around decade of rigorous research experience in various health topics. Get familiar with some of our publications/work here.

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